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Thursday 13 December 2018


Apparently co-sleeping with your dog rather than your partner is now a thing and could be good for you. Of course we’ve been doing this for years but with both of us in the bed and usually only one dog on it. In order to get both dogs on the bed one of us will have to sleep on the floor. Ah, I see. That’s me then.

Monday dog training is cancelled and is now off until probably March. L is out in Derby, so this does free me up to taxi her home later.

Tuesday I’m on the bike and taking delivery of a new vacuum flask that I have bought for my parents to take to the match. This is a selfish present as I am the one who is missing the hot coffee after their old one broke.

However this present is not to be. It is despatched to me in just a cardboard box with no additional packaging. So it is not surprising that it arrives smashed. I am probably out of time now to source a replacement as I wanted one that would take three cups and I haven’t seen any others like this.

L is impressed with the range of Christmas cards I have had made. Basically it’s a photo of the Lad with ‘Happy Wuffmas’ on it. I have also had a special one made just for us with ‘On Our First Christmas’ on it but L tries to send this to someone else by mistake.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any with ‘Bah Humbug’ on them that I could have had a picture of MD put on but I do have one ‘Happy Wuffmas’ card made with MD on just for Daughter. They are close.

I have a wasted trip to dog training on Wednesday evening. The lights failed in the arena and we had to cancel training. So us three very disappointed boys had to head home again.

On Thursday, pleased with how Bike-Run went last week I Bike-Squash. Which goes pretty much as badly as no Bike-Squash. In the pub afterwards the Lad copies MD and wees up the chairs. So once again I am reaching for the serviettes to clean up. What’s got into them both. 

I tell the Lad that he can explain to L what's he's done when we collect her from tennis.

(Thursday 13th December)

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