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Friday 14 December 2018

Dog TV

Dog TV was launched this week. Basically I have put up a webcam so that we can keep tabs on the boys, and what they’re up to, during the day. Which seems to be basically nothing.

The first day I had it in the kitchen but I quickly realised that it needs to in the hall as we didn’t see them all. They may have both jumped the stairgate and gone upstairs or perhaps they’ve took themselves on the park. Who knows.

So on Friday I moved it into the hall where we can see that they are both curled up in their beds, barely moving, pretty much all day long. Neither of them were to pacing the floor in boredom or scrapping with each as they do when we’re home. With them being this chilled all day long it’s no wonder they’re lively when we get home.

I’m pleased they are so chilled out but L reads it differently and says the Lad looks bored stiff, the poor sausage, and considers hiring a dog walker. I’m almost regretting putting the camera up now. What did she think they’d be doing, making cups of tea and putting the world to rights?

She says she’ll shall do the lottery and get him a farm. I say just leave him a toilet roll. Which would keep all us TV watchers amused.

She’s not offering to amuse them tonight though and says she won’t be opening the back door at all this evening while I’m at my Office Party. She’s a harsh woman but I’m sure they’ll talk her round.

Today is not only our Office Party but also Christmas Jumper Day and our Secret Santa. Oh the joy.

Our meal is at Thai Dusit in Derby. It was ok, nothing terribly exciting. As ever the two pints in the Flowerpot beforehand was the best bit of the night.

(Friday 14th December)

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