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Sunday 2 December 2018

Four Laps Of Holme Pierrepont...

As regards finding a distance race to run at this time of year, beggars can't be choosers and canny race organisers know this. Step forwards www.time2runevents.co.uk creators of the Nottingham Christmas Marathon and other races throughout the year based on multiple circumnavigations of the regatta lake at Holme Pierrepont.

This is L’s worse nightmare, hence why she’s not doing it, but I just welcome the simplicity of it. It’s also full, so I’m not the only sucker.

They have a marathon, a half marathon, a 5k and a 1 mile fun run. The Marathon is eight laps and is held on the Saturday, I am running the Half Marathon which is on the Sunday and a mere four laps.

Well, four laps and a bit to make up the distance. Which means the start is right around the other side of the lake, 1.4 miles from registration.

They do provide lap bands in case you forget what planet, I mean lap, you’re on. I hope I can count to four but I can’t guarantee it. I will simply run for about an hour and three quarters, then stop.

At least it’s all on tarmac and there would be a good chance of a fast time if it wasn’t for the notorious Holme Pierrepont winds.

One lap of the lake isn’t quite 5k but I would have though they could have done a short loop out on to the car park or something to make up the 5k, which would have made the laps a nice neat distance. That alone would have enabled you to get some meaningful split times. It would also have given them the option of putting out km markers, which would have been even better, because there are none at all. With the non-standard lap distance they would have been just too confusing.

Of course you’re all screaming at me to wear a GPS watch and let that do my splits. I’m such a dinosaur. I do train with a GPS watch but have never worn it to race in. Wish I had today and make a note to myself to do so next time. Not that I will remember.

Therefore my time was almost a complete surprise when I crossed the line but 1:47:47 isn’t too bad.

There is no t-shirt, unless you’re willing to pay extra for it, but there is a Christmas themed medal. Hmmm. 

L says she has the next running of this event in February down for her half marathon comeback, who would have thought...

In the afternoon it's the Dog Club's AGM which is held in a Scout hut in Hilton, which sounds a bit like it will be in someone’s garden shed but it is actually a nice sizeable venue. It all goes well and there are no fisticuffs. I am midway through my two year term as Secretary so there isn’t even the excitement of an election this year.

Later we check out a new micro pub in Stapleford called the Millipede which has been built in an old Domino’s Pizza place. It is an welcome addition to Stapleford where the only viable option is the Horse & Jockey which we’re got a little bored with. The other options being the direness of the Wetherspoons and the Karaoke friendly Chequers, enough said.

It turns out to be a very pleasant place and we both like it, so we will no doubt return. It’s also dog friendly but probably not MD friendly. To be fair, there's not much that's MD friendly. 

(Sunday 2nd December)

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