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Sunday 30 December 2018

Special Agent

On Sunday there is no Three Villages 10K, which is everyone’s ‘go to’ race at this time of year because although it’s clearly organised at the last minute on the back of a fag packet, it’s all there is. It also usually goes ahead no matter what, including the year we had to ice skate round. This year though it is off due to ‘technical difficulties’ which presumably means someone’s lost the fag packet.

However, panic not. At Clumber last week they mentioned the Gerald Story Memorial race. We looked it up and it’s a 5 miler from Worksop College, so we decide to go there. I expected to hear that it was a new race but apparently it’s been running for years and years. Yet nobody told us. They give me number 007. It actually does say ‘007’ and not just ‘7’. I am your running special agent.

The race turns out to be 4.8 miles but it’s a useful leg stretch at this time of the year for myself, L and Daughter.

In the evening it’s the squash club’s annual meal out which has been deferred from Thursday after L used her veto and we had to look for something other than bloody curry. So we go to a new place in Nottingham called the Persian Empire which is an Iranian restaurant.

The starters, which are basically tapas type stuff are very good but the mains are a choice of either kebabs or stews. We all go for stews but I don’t think any of them are that exciting but you do have to try these places. 

(Sunday 30th December)

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