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Saturday 29 December 2018

A Touch Of Normality

It’s a bit of a relief then to get back to work on Thursday and a touch of normality. It’s also great to bike in with very little traffic on the road. However I didn’t expect the normality to amount to so many calls from customers. I usually get my tax return done at work over Christmas because it’s not that busy.

Our office itself is also busy with around half the staff in which is far more than usual. Seems my views on Christmas are more widely shared than I thought.

Normality doesn’t stretch to me being able to play squash or L to play tennis, so we don’t really know what to do with ourselves on Thursday evening.

I bike in again on Friday, so at least it has been a very active Christmas fitness wise.

This continues on Saturday with parkrun. We go to Colwick for a change and I do my third one with the Lad. He is now starting to get the hang of it and I’m starting to get the hang of him. Unlike with MD it’s advisable to start on the front row with the Lad.

We are in the top six from the off and although we slip back, we come 20th overall. My best result for quite a while and the time... the time is 21:54   which is not only a PB for the Lad but a PB for me and there’s still more to come I’m sure. I was holding him back because it wasn’t an ideal course and was very slippery in places.

(Saturday 29th December)

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