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Saturday 22 June 2019

A Weekend Without

Friday apart, it is a weekend without running or cycling. So no parkrunning, no races and no velodrome sessions.

The most exercise we get is pub crawling Arnold. It takes us two buses to get to a place that only really has two decent pubs but you have to try these things. One from is from Blue Monkey (called the Organ Grinder, obviously) which is a bit loud with a band on but crucially has no Gorilla and nothing you would say was a decent substitute. The other is from Lincoln Green (called the Robin Hood & Little John) which has both Tuck and Leffe, so that is obviously where we spend most of the evening.

That apart the main draw of the weekend and indeed the week has been the Women’s Football World Cup which has been excellent. Some would say the standard isn’t as high as in the men’s game but I’d certainly take several of these players into Derby’s team. You also don’t get the negative defending or the cynical diving that you get in the men’s game so the entertainment level has possibly been higher. Although I’m sure that will all come in time.

(Saturday 22nd June)

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