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Sunday 16 June 2019

Retirement Reminder

We have a bit of a manic day on Saturday. Heading over to Alvaston to Parkrun before rushing back to Nottingham to see L’s sister run on Wollaton Park in the 10k. It was not a race that L or my ankles fancied.

Then we head over to Bramcote Hills for our second Orienteering session in only a few weeks. Unlike the one at Wollaton Park, that I found quite straightforward, this one reminds me why I retired from Orienteering. Mainly that they will find the most obscure places to hide the controls even when it’s supposed to be a beginner’s event like today's. Then they give you a map that was too small for my eyesight 15 years ago let alone now.

In the evening we pub crawl Beeston or at least try to. Many of the pubs are so full that we can’t get in the door.

Sunday is Father’s Day. L visits her Dad in hospital while I visit mine at home before my brother takes him off to Driving Range.

In the evening I go for a track session at the Velodrome for the first time in four months. My legs confirm that it certainly feels like four months, so I best not leave it so long next time.

(Sunday 16th June)

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