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Friday 21 June 2019

Two Glorious Laps

On Friday evening I run the Notts 10, two glorious laps of Holme Pierrepoint. What could be nicer? L opts out of said two glorious laps of Holme Pierrepoint despite claiming to like 10 milers on the grounds that’s where she’s always ready to stop in a Half Marathon. Personally I’m always ready to stop with about 10 miles to go.

However Daughter joins me and perhaps a little too literally. When I run 7:38 for the first mile, she is in hot pursuit and doing around 8:00 for hers. Perhaps I should have waited for her and paced her. Then again, as she over cooks it, aggravates an old injury and limps in, it was wise not to. It was still a very promising performance though and shows what she’s capable of.

While she is getting faster, I’m clearly going in the opposite direction. I once hurtled around here in sub 1:14 but today I’m almost at 1:24. That’s running up the down escalator of life for you. Overall I’m satisfied though and they do hand me a bottle of Nottingham EPA at end.

(Friday 21st June)

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