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Thursday 13 June 2019

Some Sort Of Record

On Monday Dog TV is missing one of its star performers. The Lad is nowhere to be seen. Panning the camera around I can see he’s not in the kitchen and both of the doors in the hall are firmly shut. I can’t see if he’s got into the lounge but I think it would be unlikely he’d got that door open. So, that leaves just one option. I imagine he’s chilling on the bed upstairs having jumped the stair gate. I guess we knew that was coming. MD doesn't look as though he's missing him in the least.

On Tuesday I put the dog cage by the gate and the Lad seems to spend all day sulking in the not-best bed, ceding possession of this to MD who is still in it come 2:30pm, which is some sort of record.

It takes him until Wednesday to finish plotting his escape. When I get home from work he meets me at the door and demonstrates just how much easier the cage makes it for him to jump over and nibble the mail. Time for another rethink.

We have a tallish shoe rack, which covered by a blanket, now becomes the barrier between the Lad and the comfy bed upstairs. It seems to be working at the moment.

Elsewhere this is a week of cancellations. Monday’s dogging is cancelled because it’s too wet although Wednesday’s goes ahead. L’s run with her friends is cancelled on Wednesday although their post-run social still goes ahead and her tennis is off on Thursday although that isn’t weather related. L goes to run club instead, in the rain. The current persistent rain is simply surreal.

(Thursday 13th June)

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