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Thursday 27 June 2019

Favourite Cheesy Dogs

The week starts with a service of our one year old gas boiler which is needed for the warranty. It should just be a formality and it is, although it should be noted it has already broken down once since we’ve had it.

Dog training is off due to a lack of people. The Lad is gutted. Luckily both the boys are tired out anyway after all the football they had with the gasman.

Son and his gf are away on a camping holiday but they don’t know where. Neither of them are sure of the place name but somehow they manage to send us a link to the website of the place they are purported to be staying at. Which looks a bit lacking in facilities and efficient grass cutting e.g. it looks very close to nature. I’m not sure where he’d plug his games console in. There is also no sign of the swimming pool he mentioned. So they may be on holiday somewhere else. It’s so typical of Son to not to know where he's on holiday.

Tuesday is Daughter’s birthday and we send her a cheesy dog card starring her favourite cheesy dogs e.g. our two clowns. The first problem was of course getting them to pose together, which took an age. That, in the final photo, they end up looking like Laurel and Hardy is entirely appropriate. We manage to stop the Lad adding a further personal touch to the card by keeping him away from the post when it is delivered.

It is a good job Daughter’s birthday wasn’t a day or two later because on Wednesday somebody again forget to erect the barricade leaving the post (and a comfy bed) at the Lad's mercy but he doesn’t seem to notice and stays in his own bed all day.

There are three running races on locally this week. Two rounds of the Grand Prix and the Summer Series at Colwick Park but uncharacteristically we’re not doing any of them. L does go to running club in the rain. It always seems to rain on a Tuesday.

Wednesday, I bike in the rain. So it was miserable but very necessary. Wednesday is also dogging night.

I have the afternoon off on Thursday while we have the panels in our garden fence replaced but it was a waste to take the time off. They are so fast that they could have done it easily within my lunch hour. Later there is no tennis for me as my opponent is mysteriously unavailable but L plays.

(Thursday 27th June)

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