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Sunday, 27 July 2014


Since Thursday I’ve been encamped at Catton Hall for my club’s annual dog show and generally it’s gone rather well, at least on the organisational front. I did have a major disaster when our main sponsor didn’t show up. I rang their head office to find out what was happening and they told me the person had left the company two weeks ago, clearly without telling them she was due at our show to hand out 24 bags of dog feed in prizes. The company came up trumps though and couriered the feed to us by 8am the next day. Bravo.

We also had a Special General Meeting on the Saturday night when a step up in status for the club was debated and defeated, for now. I won’t bore you with the reasons for both this proposal and for the result. This one will run and run. It has actually already been running for a while but still has good legs to continue running I think.

Oh and our club Chairperson may have quit but I’m not too sure.

Performance wise there was only one clear from MD over three days and that came in the team event where the team as a whole weren’t clear. It is however hard to concentrate on competing with your own dog when you’re also running the show, especially when your dog is as wayward as mine.

It was however two clear rounds out of two for Doggo. Unfortunately he didn’t get his third run on the last day as we had to leave early to go to a wedding reception. At least that got me out of packing up.

That was at Risley Hall, just a short bus ride from home. It was a pleasant evening and got us a night back in our own bed after spending the last two in the tent.

Tomorrow thought its back on the road as we head up first to the Commonwealth Games before heading to the island of Islay and other such remote places. We’ve stocked Daughter up on Mugshots, so all should be well at home.

(Sunday 27th July)

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