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Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Best Piped Music Ever

Our fibre optic broadband has gone down at work, so we now back on the more traditional mouse running around a little wheel sort of internet. My boss is just about to board a plane to Tenerife as his phone rings with the good news, so good timing obviously. Of course if he’d told anyone else how it all hangs together we wouldn’t have had to bother him.

We venture to a different pub for our lunch, the VictoriaInn on Midland Road, where they have all the gigs. The beer is decent, the food ok and probably unsurprisingly they have the best piped music ever.

Tennis is off as the Tennis Centre is shut again due to them hosting the British Wheelchair Open and the Senior Tennis GB Grass Court Tournament. It’s great that they get to host all these tournaments but you’d think they’d keep some courts open for the public because about the only time you’re guaranteed to get a court is in the winter. Which isn’t great obviously.

I have a puncture on the way home and an impressive five people stop to help. I put this down to the pleasant summer weather as this never happens when it's raining or snowing. There’s one person in a van and four on bikes. One of the cyclists was even a girl who asked if there was ‘anything I can do for you’ before probably realising what she’d said could be misconstrued and quickly pedalled off again.

(Thursday 17th July)

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