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Friday, 18 July 2014

Just A Normal Sort Of Wedding

After having fixed a puncture yesterday, this morning I attempt to top the air up in it but it goes down instead. Some of the valves on these modern tubes are well dodgy but it serves me right, I should have left well alone. Eventually I get it up but now I’m running well late. Particularly as I’ve got some rain clouds to race.

L has been trying to source an appropriate card for the gay wedding reception we are going to tonight. One that doesn’t feature the words ‘have a gay day’ or a picture of two sailors snogging on it.  Eventually it's mission accomplished.

We drive to the wedding reception at Prestwold Hall. The 20 mile trip has provoked some amazingly expensive quotes from Taxi firms on Cabmania, so we take our own car.

The reception itself is fine but is disappointingly like a normal heterosexual wedding reception. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I had hoped for something ‘different’. I certainly don’t want a normal wedding reception if this fate ever befalls me. L seems to imply it might.

There’s no draught real ale obviously but they do have some decent local bottled beers, so kudos to Prestwold Hall for that.

(Friday 18th July)

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