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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Super Safe

Today I’m at a dog show which is being held at Newark Rugby Club, the same place that which banned dogs completely last week, when it held the 10k, is awash with them this week.

This is MD’s last show at Grade 3 and to celebrate I've even got my shorts on, it’s so hot. We start with a clear round from each of the boys.

L attempts to cycle over to us. Now it’s not the most straightforward of routes, unless you use the dual carriageway for at least part of it, which I would have done. Super safe L won’t do that of course and the text message says she is ‘utterly lost’. So she’s turning round and heading home, having already achieved her aim of a three hour workout.

MD bags a second place and we get a nice agility styled trophy. His other runs aren’t bad but none of them are clear. Not bad for our last show at this level though.

(Sunday 20th July)

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