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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

That Never Happens To Me

I cycle to work and I’m disappointed to not find hordes of people lining the roads cheering me on. Perhaps that only happens in Yorkshire.

Oddly the moment the Tour de France crosses into France it starts raining. It never rained in the Costa del Yorkshire, did it?

At lunch, I head out for my first run since the Outlaw Half. Partly enthused by my 5k I bang in an entry for Sunday’s NotFast 10k, for which I will drag L along with me.

As 5pm approaches it goes very black outside and then dutifully chucks it down as I ride home. Soaked.

Good job L has got a family sized bag of Maltesers waiting for me to aid my recovery. Apparently they were handing them out for free at Tesco because the self checkouts were broken. That never happens to me. 
(Tuesday 8th July)

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