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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Just Eat

Perhaps yesterday’s brick cum reverse duathlon session was a bit too much for my delicate limbs. The knees are well sore today so I take the bus. There’s no sign of the soon to be axed Citylink, which tells you everything you need to know about why it’s failed.

Derby County reveal their new kits for the forthcoming season, they are refreshing simple and retro. Although the simple colourings of the kits are spoilt by the striking red logo of the new sponsor ‘Just Eat’. 
It’ll be interesting what effect that has on sales, considering that a proportion of the potential market may not want those two words spread across their sizeable waistline...

The council are on strike (not sure why) which disrupts L’s fitness schedule although probably not mine. It doesn’t really matter if the tennis centre is open or not as all the courts are outside anyway.

Doesn't matter anyhow, Tennis is off as my opponent is still injured. So as I'm at a loose end, and we're out tomorrow, maybe Friday night could come a day early.

(Thursday 10th July)

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