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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Of Course It Matters

MD and I have two more dog shows with him at Grade 3. The first of them is today. L says he’ll win now it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter? Of course it matters. A win is still a win even if it takes us nowhere bit it’ll be hard today, every man and his dog(s) are here from miles around.

Run one is decent, just a pole down and time wise it was looking top 5. Next up is the Crufts Team qualifier. Which is also decent and our team of 4 records 20 faults, which isn’t bad. Sadly MD and I got half of them.

He was unlucky though. He jumped straight through the first pole and consequently missed the next obstacle (the see-saw) completely. Which I thought was really just one cock up but the judge disagreed.

MD misses his weave entry on his next run but again it’s not a bad run. The final one isn’t great though, two errors caused by MD messing me around. Finally there’s a clear round from the Old Master on what is a very long course for an old dog, and for Doggo.

We stay in tonight. We have a run tomorrow, I think I can remember what one of those is.

(Saturday 12th July)

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