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Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Good Morning Spoiled

We have a dog show today but with no early runs I opt to grab a couple of extra hours in bed. This confuses L, who I think was hoping to get rid of me, but she puts a brave face on it and stays in bed with me.

I finally arrive at the show near Rugby at 11am, quickly rattle off two of our three runs and congratulate myself on a late start well done.

L texts to say she’d enjoyed the lazy morning and the Pilates class she'd just done but now she’s about to spoil the day with a run. That’s nothing. I’ve already spoiled my morning by taking MD on an agility course. Twice.

He did only refused a tunnel on one of them. Progress. He missed his weaves in the other though because he didn’t wait on the start line like he was told to. It also didn’t help that I couldn’t keep up with him because I’m not running very well.

Our third and final run also has a tunnel refusal in it, although it was at such an impossible angle I think I would have refused it as well. With nothing for Doggo today we head home for a night in. L is entering a 10k tomorrow. 

(Saturday 13th September)

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