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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fully Indulged

We decide to go for an early 6:30pm start for the last tennis game of the season (hurrah). We have lights booked from 7pm, so an hour and half should enable us to get a full game in. Not that the centre seemed very keen to put the lights on and in the end we have to go in to demand them on whilst we could still find our way to the centre through the gloom.

L is in London working and arranges to drop off the train at Beeston. The station there has a handy gate that takes you straight into the Victoria pub. So the boys and I can wait practically on the platform with a pint in our hand and/or a packet of cheese and onion crisps at our paws. She’s late though, so I have to force down a second pint.

On the way home we pick up a Chinese takeaway and indulge fully, in what is quite simply the largest takeaway I’ve ever seen. Even the dogs can’t get through all the prawn crackers. Well, they probably could, but we won’t let them.

(Thursday 18th September)

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