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Wednesday 17 September 2014

The Morning Ritual

Yet another bike to work at breakneck speed after this time L puts me under a bit of time pressure. My legs feel good though, clearly the morning ritual is working.

L suggests we should do it twice a day. Absolutely. She even suggests tying me to the headboard so that she could do it for longer. Not so sure about that. These foam rollers can get a bit painful.

Daughter now seems well settled in Manchester and has a new French house mate. It’s quite a diverse household they have there. I wonder what instrument she plays? They already have two wind instrumentalists in the household, although Daughter won’t thank me for revealing she is one of those.

The first day of her Masters was accompanied by tea and cakes, which I suppose is a small repayment from the massive fees we’re paying them. After which she ends up in the pub with her tutor, I just hope he’s paying.

(Wednesday 17th September)

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