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Sunday 28 September 2014


This morning we head down to watch the Nottingham Half. Someone we know is running it, although it may be a long shot to try and spot them. I jog down with MD, whilst L walks down with Doggo.

The chap, from our local leisure centre, is pacing a girlie round in allegedly under two hours. We do see them and the thing is they come round rather leisurely amongst the 2:20 bunch, so it doesn’t look like it’s going to plan.

I then attempt to run back home with MD but the dogs won’t be parted, so I have to go it alone. Not that they like that much either.

I’m back at the opticians again today, yes on a Sunday. That’s amazing enough but even better is that I get an optician who seems to understand what I’m talking about. Now if only I can get this chap again next time. He’s given me some lenses I can actually see though but, yes, I’ve still got to go back again in a fortnight.

The evening is spending finding out just how many DVD’s our family have managed to accumulate over the past ten years or so as we have a bit of a sort out. We now have a whole cupboard full of them as I daren’t throw any away.

L turns her hand to plastering which is very brave, it's something I along with most people have failed to have the guts to do. She’s done all the training, on youtube. 

(Sunday 28th September)

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