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Thursday, 4 September 2014


Today is #run2workday (translation: run to work day), oddly it is also #cycletoworkday (translation: cycle to work day). How confusing and how badly timed considering I’m tapering for Sunday’s Sundowner. So I’m on the bus. I’ve also got the afternoon off as its #move2manchesterday.

#run2workday proclaims that running to work is quicker than you think... Hmmm. I know, rather than think, it’s 14 miles to my work.

Leaving work at lunchtime I get home to a car full, but not overfull, of Daughter’s stuff. We drive the two hours across to Manchester and install her in her new digs.

L gives a demonstration of how to put clothes on hangers and Daughter gives a demonstration of yes I can put a duvet cover on unaided. So all’s good.

(Thursday 4th September)

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