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Friday, 26 September 2014

TV Free Night

I nick two cleat bolts from L’s cycling shoes to repair mine and thankfully they manage to stay on as I cycle to work. Now I just need to buy some more so that I can put her shoes back together. Wiggle seem to sell them in packs of 24. Overkill or what. Clearly some cyclists must get through a lot of them.

On the way home an old chap drafts me, as in old I mean he was older than me even. He’s lucky I had my cleats on or else I wouldn’t have been much use to him. Obviously now I’m fully functioning again, last night’s girlie is conspicuous by her absence.

L heads home early via her GP for the results of her Health Check. Just like with me they fail to give her a rollicking. Either we’re doing something right or we’re just not as bad as everyone else.

They (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence or NICE) are now saying that everyone should have one TV free night a week to help curb obesity. Ironically Friday is usually our only TV night, among other things.

(Friday 26th September)

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