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Monday, 8 September 2014

Some Sort Of Shape

This morning my aches are aching but everything else is fine, which is an improvement on the post-Outlaw Half situation. L asks if I’m feeling enthused then? Possibly. I even start pondering on some likely autumn half marathons to take in whilst I’m in some sort of shape.

Tonight a very brief trip to the dentist for the annual check-up. The dentist gives my teeth the most cursory of cursory glances from the other side of the room, whilst reading the newspaper and chatting to his nurse or something like that. Then he tells me to hand my credit card in at reception on the way out.

Then a not so brief Committee Meeting. Well actually the Committee Meeting itself is quite brief, it’s the clandestine post-meeting meeting afterwards that drags on a bit and takes another hour.

I then collect the dogs from my parents’ place where they have been entertaining my father for the evening. By taking the dogs out, I’ve enabled L to get in a triple fitness class session, thereby helping her address the problem of being outdone by Daughter.

(Monday 8th September)

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