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Thursday 30 April 2015

Electric Bikes

Today’s bike to work was bloody windy and just to rub it in, I got overtaken by a woman with a shopping basket on her bike. That is, just to clarify, a woman with a shopping basket on the front of her bike and an electric motor on the back of it.

The crafty mare even had the nerve to slipstream me up the hill out of Stapleford before powering past me on the flat. They’re very annoying those electric bikes and they’re everywhere at the moment. I suppose it means you beat the traffic but it won’t get you fit and you do look rather silly.

Squash tonight and our last match for a few weeks. It’s a very good game but then I would say that as I won two games, although still losing 3-2. We meet L in the pub who comes straight from work where they are madly packing ahead of next week’s big office move. 

(Thursday 30th April)

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