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Monday 13 April 2015

Getting Neanderthal

L is currently reading The Clan of the Cave Bear, a book about Neanderthal man, which they are now making a remake of. The original back in 1985 had Daryl Hannah in it and looks a bit like the Flintstones with rough sex. L has ordered the DVD, should be an interesting watch.

Tonight is team training night at the dog club for which there is a poor turnout from the large dogs for my teams. I blame the management. The smaller dogs fair a lot better.

I drop L off on the way so that she can visit her brother in hospital in Derby. Sadly she won’t be waiting around to meet me in the pub.

Even though the attendance could have been better, team night goes well and is popular with those who are there. MD runs very well and we finish the night with a competition which my team wins with MD in it.

(Monday 13th April)

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