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Saturday 25 April 2015

Still Limping Along

L gives me my birthday present early. Some new cycling shorts which I can now wear in today’s sportive. L doesn't make the start line but comes to support with the boys. Who weren’t going to get to come but now do. Again it’s bloody windy. What is it with the weather and my bike at the moment?

This is the Rutland CiCLE Tour Sportive and I’m doing 57 miles, there are two longer and one shorter options. We start from Normanton on the South Shore of Rutland Water, which is the other side to where the duathlon starts. We still end up parking at Sykes Lane though and I have to bike round. This turns out to be 2.4 miles and I’m knackered before I even start. L points out that this is a good warm up, that I skipped sex for. Not that I recall being offered any.

It takes me 1 hour 33 minutes to reach the one and only feed station at Owston. Shoot me now, as some folk would say. At least they have some decent snacks and real tea, L would approve. I stash some cheesy biscuits in my pocket for later, for the boys.

It’s a tough ride. As well as being windy, the course is hilly. Full of silly little hills that they appear to have gone out of their way to find. At least my new shorts are nice and snug.

I reach the finish, having done 57.58 miles in 3:44. Not exactly quick.

After we get back in the afternoon L heads over to Derby to visit her brother in hospital whilst I listen to the match. After a 4-4 draw with Huddersfield last week, this week’s game finishes 3-3 as free scoring and free conceding Derby draw again, this time at Millwall. Somehow they continue to limp towards the play offs.

I then head into Nottingham and meet L at Peacock for another night on the OP and the Northern Stout.

(Saturday 25th April)

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