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Friday 24 April 2015

Run And Swim Day

I’m on dog walking duty again this morning and then I hand over to L for the ball chucking before heading off to work in the car. It's a run and swim day.

L’s hobble must be improving as she’s wearing the trainers that she couldn't reach down to fasten on Monday.

A speeding fine arrives by email from Switzerland. Bugger.

My lunchtime training run is more of a trot than a run and is a massive 3.9k. Wow. It would have annoyed L all night if she'd stopped at 3.9k but I actually stopped just in time. 4k is next week’s project. I’m well on my way to half ironman distance, just 17k to go. 

Then it’s straight from work to the pool where I have 50 lengths to do. The pool is packed and there are only three lanes in use. The slow lane is standing room only, whilst the fast lane has one guy who is attempting to drown himself by trying to keep up with the two fast women in his lane. Can't be done mate. I've been there, done that and had the post-attempt CPR.

In truth I’ve only been slaughtered by one of them and I know she is incredibly fast. I haven’t seen the other one before and she seems to be even quicker... avoid me thinks. So the middle lane it is then, despite the four people already in there and one of them wearing flippers.

I get my lengths done then I head home, hopefully with some power left in my limbs, where a woman and two dogs await my attention. Busy night.

L had promised that MD had so much ball chucking this morning that he'd be begging me not to throw it tonight. Hopefully. Wishful thinking. She’s wrong, as she probably suspected.

(Friday 24th April)

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