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Tuesday 21 April 2015

Improving By The Hour

I step into walk boys today to save L’s bad back going through the yank yank that is the morning constitutional. Although I have to say they are both very calm for me this morning. Too calm in Doggo’s case. So calm that at times he was almost horizontal and therefore very slow. I have to keep prodding him to keep him moving or else we won’t be home before lunchtime.

I drive to work and when I get there L is already emailing to say her health is now brilliant. Improving by the hour. Apparently. Hmmm. I shall be checking later.

I’m not cycling to work today because I’m cycling at Derby’s new Velodrome tonight. I have a level one track lesson booked which I leave work early for. There are fifteen of us and its cracking fun. We have to cycle around the track keeping a set distance between us all, starting on the flat but then going higher and higher up the banked track.

The biggest problem is of course getting used to the bike. It is a fixed wheel, meaning you can’t free wheel, and has no brakes. So getting the hang of speeding up and slowing down is key, as well as learning how to stop! 

The instructor has to pass you at this level to enable you to book a level 2 session and he tells us observation is important. e.g. making sure you are always looking who is behind/alongside you. It brings back memories of my driving test where highly exaggerated looks right or left were the order of the day. I do the same here and I’m one of the five who pass. Hurrah.

I rush home to tell L and show her my lack of splinters. Doggo seems disappointed, as it would have given him something different to lick. 

L’s back problems are clearly easing judging by the ease at which she passes the fitness test I set her. Later I cook curry, just need a beer now to complete the perfect night.

(Tuesday 21st April)

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