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Tuesday 14 April 2015

Even Parrots Eat At Greggs

It’s not often you see a parrot at Greggs, in fact this may be a first, but there’s one there today. I don’t think he/she is tucking into the pasties but its owner was.

L proclaims herself much better as she almost managed her full quota at the pool doing 36 lengths before she ran out of time. Assume 40 must be full quota then.

Tonight she has book club and I’m at the match. So L has the car, meaning the boys can 'people watch' whilst I go to Derby on the bus. Naturally it takes a while to get a Red Arrow, the first one that comes is full and the second one very late.

Derby easily defeat already relegated Blackpool 4-0. If your team needs a confidence boast then send for a team as bad as Blackpool. Perhaps the resurrection has arrived after all?

L then rescues me from the pub which is a role reversal. Although this keeps her out way beyond her bedtime but the boys are thrilled because my parents are there.

(Tuesday 14th April) 

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