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Wednesday 3 January 2018

A Stormy Affair

Storm Dylan and Storm Eleanor seem to be getting it on together this morning, having a riotous affair and letting the whole world know about the resulting row. So I’m on the bus as it’s far too windy to cycle.

This of course means going to the gym after work but when I get there it is to find that my Metro membership covering the gyms of both Nottingham and Derby has expired. I have to fill in a new form to kick start it off again for another six months. This is despite the fact both cities already have all my details in their computer systems. Red tape hell.

That wastes ten vital minutes of gym time. L says I’m not on a deadline but Trent Barton say different, that is if I don’t want to slip into hourly Red Arrow territory.

The gym is packed with Januarites, attempting to fulfil rashly made resolutions. There is a queue for the treadmills, the Watt Bikes and even for the weighing scales.

A lot of the Januarites who are mainly female are coming in, weighing themselves, walking on the treadmill for ten minutes, reweighing themselves, shaking their heads and then leaving. To be honest they probably burnt the most calories before they even weighed themselves the first time by coming up the stairs from the changing rooms.

And Ladies... the tried and trusted men's way of seeing how hard your workout has been is to ring your shirt out and see what comes out. You could weigh the product of that I suppose but you may need paper cup.

L and Daughter are doing their workout outdoors and they run from home.

(Wednesday 3rd January)

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