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Friday 5 January 2018

Office Companions

I’m the car today, which L thinks is because I can't walk due to my allegedly broken ankle. She does have a point. I don’t think walking for the bus is helping my ankle, mainly because I’m always rushing at both ends.

However the main reason I'mon the bus is in case I was going to book the vets for MD, as he still has diarrhoea and seems a bit off colour. He is eating but only chicken, sausage, rice and Doggo’s posh food but not his own dog food. 

I read somewhere that if a dog is ill then they might develop a phobia about their current dog food, thinking that is what may have caused it. So we might have to switch him to something else to see if that works. In the end, we don’t take him to the vets.

Both L and I seem to have the same problem with our office companions. Her seventy-something one is often snoring away before 10 o'clock in the morning while the twenty-something in my office is usually doing the same. Today he went outside to his car for a smoke and fell asleep while he was there. I think there might also be a potential fire risk there.

Derby have rather unfairly had their FA Cup 3rd Round tie with Manchester United shifted to tonight because they are Manchester United and that is what they wanted. It’s not even on TV. After a 13 year run of 58 consecutive televised FA Cup matches this one hasn’t been chosen. 

The reason for the shift? They were supposed to have the League Cup Semi Final on Tuesday... only now they haven’t because Bristol City knocked them out in the Quarter Finals. Oh how we laughed, not that it helped us as it was too late to shift the game back. Derby give a good account of themselves but lose to two late goals.

 (Friday 5th January)

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