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Thursday 4 January 2018

Maybe Fractured, Maybe Not

Both boys are improved and MD is back on the Bonios, he's still not quite 100% though. Doggo has found a solution to his wobbly old legs and now props himself up against the kitchen cupboards while eating. He’ll be after a table and chairs next.

I hobble to the bus, last night’s gym session doesn’t appear to have helped my ankle. Which L says is almost certainly fractured. I'm sure she exaggerates.

There’s no squash as my opponent is still recovering from his Christmas break so I don’t need to tell him that I’m injured.

He’s needs to make a Resolution and join the Januarites in the gym, or perhaps not. I mean, is there any wonder that people don’t stick at it when they decide to get fit at the time of year when the weather is at it’s foulest and which inevitably means they end up with the misery that is the dreadmill.

Now if they made their Resolution to get fit in the spring then they’d have nicer weather and longer days with lighter evenings. So then they could do something outside and they'd perhaps stick at it.

Instead they do it in January and at the same time give up all the other things they enjoy doing, like drinking alcohol and eating chocolate. It’s no wonder people continually vote January as the most depressing month of the year.

Personally it’s one of my favourites along with February and\or March, as these months are when we do most of our best trips away.

(Thursday 4th January)

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