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Friday 12 January 2018

Away With The Fairies

Doggo and I continue our morning ambles together this week and with my bad ankle we are now both walking at the roughly the same pace. My ankle doesn’t seem to getting much better, perhaps L is right and it is broken.

L states she on the diet and go to the extremes of requesting Kale from Sainsbury’s. I start researching Kale curries.

The ongoing roadworks on Pride Park, and traffic reduced to one lane, makes driving to work even more of a chore. So I hide in the gym on Monday until it has gone down a bit.

On the same day, L starts a 10-week course on Fairies at Broadway that a friend of hers is running. I think it’s actually about Fairy Tales in movies or something like that. She was intrigued when she was asked to proofread the course content. Now she’s worried, naturally, that she’ll nod off and embarrass herself. Sort of away with the fairies.

Tuesday I bike and it’s sooooooooooo good to be back.

Tuesday is also when Run For All take over the Ramathon which is sort of good news as they are excellent at the organisational side of things but unfortunately, and I’m no great fan of the race, they are changing the name to the Derby Half Marathon. Which is just plain wrong. I though the whole point of the race was resurrecting the historic Ramathon name, now someone else has got to do it all over again.

Wednesday we are thwarted at the Brunswick where my colleague and I go for a non-working lunch. They have a 90 minute wait for food despite the pub being empty because apparently the function room is full. So it’s the Waterfall for toasted sandwiches and awfully cold Doom Bar. Not much to fortify myself for dog training in the evening.

Thursday I’m in London again for work. Then when I’m back, as there’s still no squash because my opponent is still too fat (his words), L and I have a Friday night in.. Not that I would played squash anyway, what with being in London and still having a dodgy ankle but he doesn’t need to know any of that.

On the real Friday, Nottingham Train Station catches fire which gridlocks the whole of Nottingham. Thankfully I’m on the bike again.

(Friday 12th January)

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