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Friday 19 January 2018

Old Fellas And Old Bangers

Sadly Doggo is getting more and more wonky on his legs and he’s also looking quite spaced out again. We’re worried about the old fella. His diet is also a concern as he seems to have completely given up dog food which is sort of ok (for him) as he loves sausages and fresh chicken.

On Monday I take the car into the garage and finally get its dodgy exhaust replaced along with the dodgy wheel bearing and the dodgy tyre. L asks if they’ve also fixed the dodgy hand brake. They didn’t mention it. 

It takes me a while to realise the old banger she keeps referring to isn’t me.

Tuesday is so cold I’m on the bus. The cold also means almost everyone bails out of tonight’s dog training which means MD and I end up training in a earlier class to fill it up. We then expect to finish early but end up doing a double session from 8.15 through to 10.00. Afterwards, for a change, I meet L in the Nags Head rather than the Masons. In contrast to the Masons they have lots of beer choice, lots of people and what seems to be a quiz every night (you can’t have everything).

Wednesday is even colder with a touch of snow on the ground and lots of ice. I’m again on bus and in gym after work.

Thursday I’m in the car due to the return of squash, so naturally the traffic is horrific. My opponent is still fat but concedes that he could do with the exercise. L decides to stay warm and dry in the gym, so the boys and I go on our own. I also dump L's appalling AF gin on my opponent. Lets see what they make of it.

L talks me into three extra Audible credits in the time honoured fashion for services rendered. She hints that perhaps I should to look for a cheaper girl. Is she implying that some girls acquiesce for less than three Audible credits?

Friday I’m at the match as Derby take on Bristol City for Sky TV’s pleasure but no one else. It’s a 0-0 draw, hope they enjoyed it.

(Friday 19th January)

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