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Tuesday 2 January 2018

Health Test

We are both back at work today and L is back in the pool, hoping to increase her swim to 50 lengths a day, which may require some serious schedule juggling.

Nottingham Camra announces a change of plan and the BeerFestival will now be at the Ice Stadium rather than on Forest Rec. Probably a wise decision, there’s less winos in the Ice Stadium.
Neither dog is eating much and both are under threat of a vet trip if things don’t improve. Both are improving slowly but MD is spending a lot of time sleeping, which isn’t like him. He is still looking longingly at his ball, which is a good sign, but when he turns down a Bonio you know he isn’t quite right.

Even so, I take him dog training thinking it will be a good test of his health and he comes through that ok. L comes over too and I enjoy the first dull pint of the year in the Masons.

(Tuesday 2nd January)

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