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Wednesday 14 March 2018

Bit Of A Waste Of A Freebie

I walk the Lad again this morning and then cycle. 

At lunchtime my colleague and I walk up to the Brunswick, only to be told yet again that it'll be at least an hours wait for food. so we walk all the back to Pride Park and decide to try The Yard. Which isn't too bad. The sandwiches are decent, quite large too. The beer isn't real ale but the keg Shipyard is quite drinkable.

In the evening it’s dog training and I am ready for the Lad’s over excitement when he realises he’s not got to be picked up any more. He doesn’t disappoint. He just loves it and over excitement doesn’t really cover it. He was desperate to join in and was rather shocked to find himself restrained by a lead.

Meanwhile L and Daughter go for a good old singalong (if that’s your thing) at the Greatest Showman on the last of our freebie tickets at Cineworld. Bit of a waste of a freebie if you ask me...

(Wednesday 14th March)

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