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Friday 2 March 2018


Monday and we have snow, although not a lot. It's also quite pretty. It’s good when it stays cold because the snow doesn’t go all slushy. L says it's dog coat weather and thank heavens for purple tennis balls for chucking on the park. She then sends me shopping with a very dog-based list.

The media is predicting nationwide Emmageddon, thanks to Storm Emma, and to head for the air raid shelters but it’s all very benign here. I assume when they say the whole of country they actually mean London. Then they rather undermine their doom and gloom by showing pictures of what is apparently heavy snow but which actually shows just a light dusting.

This is sort of underlined by the fact by a colleague and I drive down to London on Tuesday without encountering a scrap of snow on any road surface, not even in London itself.

Getting into work on Wednesday also proves remarkably easy. I think everyone must be housebound by the fictional snow.

I get home from work, fully expecting dog training to be on but then, to my surprise, it’s cancelled due to the snow. There’s no snow here... then suddenly at about 6pm the weather went mad. L and Daughter are over in Sherwood at the Wetherspoons there, so I offer to pick them up. Which is an interesting trip in a snowstorm especially when the windscreen wipers pack up.

I’m due back in London on Thursday and its probably best to cancel but it’s an awkward customer we’re working for so we ought to go if we can. All the traffic cameras along the M1 are showing clear road, so as long as we can reach the M1 we should be fine. We give it a go and it is fine. All three companies involved in the project make it there, the only ones who don't are the host customer’s project managers. Says it all really.

Meanwhile L gets sent home at 3pm, Sunday’s Rushcliffe 10k is postponed but we make it back from London in one piece despite a few snow flurries.

Again getting to work is really easy on Friday, the roads are clear and very quiet. It’s like the school holidays, which it is really as they’ve shut all the schools. I was at work well early.

So it’s looking good for tonight’s Feeder concert in Lincoln, the opening night of their 21st Anniversary tour. Again I’ve checked the webcams and the roads are all clear. I’ve also taken the afternoon off to let chaos out of it’s cage and to have quality dog time with all three boys.

But... apparently the rest of Lincolnshire is under snow, so the gig is cancelled anyway. Cheers Emma. Instead, as I’ve already had the afternoon off and worn the boys out, I corrupt L with a post-work pint. She says she always wanted to get sloshed after work but then I’m sure she said that the last time we did it. We meet at 4.30pm, which is barely even post-work and head to Canning Circus. 

(Friday 2nd March)

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