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Tuesday 6 March 2018

A Strange Morning

It's a strange morning with a distinct lack of Doggo. He always dominated things, even more so of late due to his age. The Lad seems to have rather quickly shrugged off his absence but then he’s only known him for a few weeks. MD is a different matter entirely, he seems bereft without his partner in crime. In the space of a few weeks he’s lost his role as ‘the puppy’ and now he’s expected to step up into the big shoes of the Alpha dog.

I’m on the bike today and its so good to be back on it. Then tonight it’s dog training, which is also going to be strange without Doggo. On the way we drop in to visit L’s parents, well the Lad drops in but we have to accompany him.

Before that I get an email from Radio Derby who want to interview our Crufts team on their afternoon show tomorrow but only the team members from Derby, which narrows their options by 50%. When they decide they can’t do it over the phone that removes the other 50%, some of us have jobs you know. Now if they hadn’t left it until the last minute.

(Tuesday 6th March)

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