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Saturday 17 March 2018

Puppy Party

With a lot of parkrun’s getting cancelled again it is with some trepidation that L and I head up to Clumber Park with even the backstop option of Clifton already called off. The Met Office are warning of ice on untreated surfaces and already this weekend the Ashby 20 has been cancelled.

L was keen on Belton Parkrun near Grantham but apparently there are sheep on the course and rabbit holes. Potentially rabbits too, one would assume. So not a good idea for my ankles or MD's concentration.
Luckily there never seems to be any doubt up at Clumber and it all goes ahead.

Afterwards we head back to Nottingham because the Lad has had a party invitation to a puppy socialisation event at our vets. Daughter and I take the Lad, hoping there’s cake but, sadly,  there isn't.

It’s a sparsely populated event probably due to the weather, just two dogs, but he loves it all the same. The other puppy already has his own Instagram account but I’m not sure I want the Lad to jump on to that particular bandwagon. We don’t want him corrupted by social media at his tender age.

(Saturday 17th March)

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