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Friday 30 March 2018

Stars Of The Future

As the Pride Park roadworks enter their second year they celebrate by closing a lane in both directions for the duration of the Easter fortnight. Utter chaos. On Tuesday I arrive for work at 9.30 and that’s just day one.

The Lad is slowly getting the hang of his morning walk with MD and L, on his extendable lead. Walk, park, mad dash for the ball, massive tangle, walk, followed by a mad dash for his breakfast or in MD’s case another mad dash for his ball. Sounds like they all had a great time.

After all that, and his lively weekend, the Lad is far from happy about being plonked back in his cage. It’ll do him good as he needs his rest. L is taking him socialising tonight while I am out in Derby with my mate from school. The Lad does so love a bit of socialising.

Given Tuesday’s travel hell, I’m on the bike on Wednesday. Meanwhile my colleague at work isn’t cycling this week after getting knocked off last week. He's mainly fine, just battered and bruised but his £900 bike is a write off. The driver has accepted liability and is putting it through his insurance but I’m not sure my colleague will get anything. He's not insured himself through British Cycling or anything, so there's no one to fight for his cause and pursue the money on his behalf.

Lunch is spent in The Yard on Pride Park and then in the evening it’s Team Training Night at dog training. Where we try to encourage the stars of the future. Meanwhile L and Daughter are doing their own training, with added hills.

Thursday’s squash is cancelled as my opponent says he’s ill. He’s probably fine but he daren’t play me if he has the slightest sniffle in case I take advantage. Instead I join L for a family session on the park.

She has been furnished with a chocolate Easter bunny and a huge Thornton's egg. Lucky her. Hope there’s some scraps for me.

Friday is Good Friday and rather appropriately Derby get crucified by Sunderland in the evening kick off.

On Saturday my dog club is running a ring at Catton Park but the weather is so wet and muddy it should all have been called off. When I arrive at 8am they are towing people off site as they give up at the start of day two of the four day event. We stick it out as we’re getting paid but I do just the one farcical run with MD. I daren’t move in the mud in case I fall but he seems to cope ok and comes 3rd in a very reduced field. With so many competitors already having gone home it is all over by lunch time.

In the evening we’re out with friends at the Curry Lounge in Derby, which is very good. We meet up in the Lord Nelson, where I haven’t been for years. It’s ok but we soon move to a new-ish micro bar called Suds And Soda. No real ale but an interesting range of kegs, bottles and cans. 

(Friday 30th March)

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