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Sunday 4 March 2018

Plenty Of Snow

So we have plenty of snow and all three dogs are out playing in it. The Lad is probably thinking this weather is the norm, so he’s in for a shock.

We have no Rushcliffe 10k of course, which has now been rescheduled for when my half in London is but at least they are offering refunds. I do have a Velodrome session tonight and which does go ahead. I meet my Dad for a pint in the Exeter afterwards but L stays at home as Doggo is struggling to get around at the moment.

He’s been spending the nights downstairs recently as the stairs are often too much for him now and I carry him up the stairs tonight then back down again when he wants to go out in the middle of the night. It’s another disturbed night for all of us as has become the norm these days.

L and I sort of look at each other when we are stood in the garden in the middle of the night in our dressing gowns as Doggo wobbles around and at times not appearing to know where he is. Is it time? I think it is.

We carry him back up stairs and heartbreakingly the Lad curls up between his paws.

(Sunday 4th March)

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