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Friday 23 March 2018

Emotional Shopping

The Monday shop has got a bit emotional of late. I'm finding it difficult passing the reduced pasties and the Fray Bentos pies. These were the type of things we resorted to giving Doggo in his last few weeks to make him eat. The Fray Bentos pies particularly bring a tear to the eye.

Tuesday I’m on the bike and thankfully so given the state of the traffic this week. Even on the bike, I’m constantly weaving in and out of cars. Tuesday is also dog training night.

Wednesday I’m in London for work and the traffic isn’t any better down there. In fact they close the M1 on us, due to an accident, forcing a long detour across country to reach the A1. We arrive at 11.30am having left at 6am.

On Thursday I take a vital delivery at work, hoover bags. I rush them home to L, not wanting to be the one that comes between a girl and her hoovering. That's the puppy's job.

Talking of the Lad, the new toys are stacking up. He now has a cow to go with the sheep he already has, both from L’s Mum. He again joins us in the pub after squash.

(Friday 23rd March)

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