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Thursday 1 March 2012

All Arty

I walk the dogs this morning. Which is always a pleasure and they were saintly, well almost. I have my instructions. Check Doggo’s... ahemm... before I pick it up and to put cream on his dodgy knees. Damn I forgot about the cream until we got back and as for the other, you don’t want to know.

While I’m out with the boys L heads off for an extended gym session. She’s probably expecting queues at the exercise bikes after the Horizon programme the other night but at least nobody will be on them for long. Three minutes. Although you feel the leisure centres may need to employ someone to lift their customers off the bikes after the intensity of their twenty second bursts.

Colcannon tonight. That’s food, I think. Apparently it’s an arty sort of mash to go with our liver and bacon. I love it when L goes all arty on me. I wonder if she’ll serve it wearing one those arty waitress outfits. Probably not.

Another committee meeting tonight, which goes surprisingly well. No one gets killed or even lightly knifed in the back. Perhaps we’re learning how to get on.

(Thursday 1st March)

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