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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

The traffic is particularly bad this week as I’m in the car.

My hobble is improving slowly. Practice makes perfect. I’ve been looking at compression socks and calf supports on Wiggle. They might help with the skiing but also it might be worth using them for running to avoid a repeat injury, that is if L can cope with the embarrassment of me in them.

She says black ones look a bit pretentious yet sort of cute but the white ones are a definite no no. White socks are for schoolgirls apparently. No comment. I best order some black ones then.

Just outside work, some men come along and fix a hole in the road that no one knew was there but they leave the huge chasm that is at some point going to cause a serious incident. We watch them prodding, poking and even putting their feet through the abyss in disbelief before fixing the other ‘hole’. Of course they will only fix what they were told to fix. The chasm probably isn’t even on their schedule until 2014.

L heads off for a cut & colour. So I’m hoping to pull a redhead tonight.

I limp to Sainsbury’s. I need some birthday cards, Swiss Francs and Bonios. Life’s essentials.

There's a match tonight, Derby v Blackpool. Where I’m under strict instructions to not aggravate the injury. No standing up suddenly and cheering every goal that they score. I think I should be safe, I'm not expecting any goals.

Bugger. Surprisingly Derby score twice and win 2-1, accompanied by some gentle celebrating.

I come home to a violethead, if there is such a word. Very sassy.

(Tuesday 6th March)

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