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Saturday 24 March 2012

Not Playing Ball

So, we’re expecting the gas man and the washing machine delivery man today. Either could be hammering on the door at 8am, so there will be no lounging in bed with my good woman this morning then. Instead I drag myself out of bed and promise the boys that yes, we’ll do the park with their footballs, just once the gas man’s been and gone but of course he isn’t playing ball. So the dog’s don’t get chance to play ball either. Naturally if I’d stayed in bed he would have arrived by now. Finally at about midday I decide to go in the shower. It works a treat. There is a knock at the door.

This time, he’s even brought the part. It’s all fitted and he’s gone in about half an hour, although it’s now too late for the park and I make my apologies to the boys, as I head off to the match. Still no washer but L will deal with that.

Next stop, the post office. Where I have a package. Which could be some free CD’s that a record company may be sending me in gratitude for a review that I did or it could be joint supplement from one of the sponsors of our dog show. As I suspect, it’s joint supplement. Oh well.

The match is interesting and we all sit there in disbelief as Derby storm in to a 3-0 lead. Having come to terms with that, we then all sit there in disbelief as Derby throw away said 3-0 lead and crawl home 3-2. The disbelief includes a bizarre goal where having mistakenly picked up a back pass our goalkeeper throws the ball straight to one of the opposition players to score rather than waiting for the resulting free kick. Clearly satisfied with this act of self-harming the referee declines to book him. Which is poor refereeing as well as poor goalkeeping.

The washer has arrived and I head home to plug/plum it in. L utters those famous last words, ‘this one should last forever’. The theory being that no teenagers will be using it. e.g. running it several times a day as well as double washing everything e.g. adding their washing to what’s already in it, but has already been washed, without emptying it. She is forgetting that the summer holidays from Uni last forever.

(Saturday 24th March)

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