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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cycling Allowed

My physio said I’m not allowed to run but I can cycle. She also said I’m not allowed to ski, but she can’t be expected to get everything right. Anyhow it’s biking all the way this week then.

The ride in goes ok. The leg is fine, although my general fitness is rubbish. Well that’s what I conclude as I sit panting like a collie at my desk.

Our boiler has died. Again. It’s come out in sympathy with our deceased washing machine or perhaps it’s the other way around. Anyhow, the boiler is at least displaying a helpful error code unlike the washing machine. It says 'F5'. I thought at first it was going to flash up 'Press F5 to reboot' or something but no, just 'F5'.

I Google it. Apparently some overheating cut-out thingy may have been tripped but the good news is there’s a reset button that can be pressed to possibly cure the problem. The bad news is you’ve got to remove two layers of the boiler's outer casing to get at it. So if you hear any loud explosions tonight it’s only me but it’s got to be easier than calling out British Gas again. They still haven’t managed to give us an appointment to fit the filter they promised us just after Christmas.

Less usefully, the all knowing Google reckons the circuit board has gone in the washing machine. Not cheap. We best buy a new washer then.

I get involved in a bit of a three way race on the way home, which isn't what you want with a dodgy leg. So don't tell my physio or L.

(Tuesday 20th March)

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