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Thursday 29 March 2012

Taking My Training Very Seriously

Nottingham City Council are apparently the only remaining council who remove bulky waste items for free, such as our deceased washer which we put out for them today. This is obviously a nice service to have available to us but, when they’re in the process of axing practically everything else to save money, is it a wise one?

They even come as arranged, which doesn’t always happen.

Pub lunch today, so I’m well fortified for my run attempt this evening, as well as half slaughtered. I even skip the chips and have mash instead. I take my training very seriously you know.

I jog-walk the mile to Chaddesden to see how it goes. Not bad but ‘good’ would be a gross exaggeration. I take the bus to Stapleford and attempt the four or so miles home from there. Again not bad but I ease up every time I suspect things are going to go pear-shaped, which is frequently. Whether this is due to real concerns or simply paranoia I’m not sure.

I run across the park and catch up with L who is walking home, which means I can sneakily walk the rest of the way.

As I’m out with work tomorrow, we decide Thursday is the new Friday and celebrate it a day early, complete with wine. Rather than TOTP on TV it’s a mix of Triathlons, Ironman and the Adidas Terrex Coast to Coast challenge all bizarrely featured on the 4Music channel. I rather fancy the Coast to Coast challenge, I wonder how good L’s kayaking is?

(Thursday 29th March)

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