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Monday, 5 March 2012

Woe Is Me

I make it into work by car without my leg seizing and leaving me stranded on the A52. Then I book a physio appointment for 4pm, so that I can get the bad news confirmed.

So no running for three weeks, no racing for at least four. When I asked whether there was any chance of a half marathon after four weeks the physio looked at her feet and shook her head. Which may have been a ‘no’.

When I mentioned skiing she went sort of pale but conceded it could be possible with care, the right amount of alcohol and perhaps a little stupidity. So at least that was promising.

She recommended lots of gym work and swimming but I reckon L must have rang ahead to tell her to say that. It’s the sort of thing L would say.

The results for Sunday’s race are up. There were 2736 finishes in the half and one man limping across the line, as well as 460 in the 10k. So not a bad turnout considering the conditions.

I skip dog class, so that ruins MD’s night, as I sit with a ice pack on my leg instead, enviously watching Ski Sunday. Woe is me.

(Monday 5th March)


  1. Ack, sorry to hear it. Did my first 10k of the year on Sunday, although due to a 'gun to chip' instead of 'chip to chip' cock up by the orgnisers, I ran my best ever 9.853k... Hope the physio wasn't *that* serious about the amount of time off you need!

  2. Cheers mate

    Just managed a week's skiing, so not as bad as I thought. No running yet though.

    Good to hear you're still doing the races