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Tuesday 27 March 2012


I bike again today and tentatively pencil in a ‘run’ (of sorts) for Thursday. My calf started to ache again after Sunday’s exploits, so it’s not exactly promising as regards doing Reading on Sunday.

I'm tempted to get a costume and dress up as a duck or something. Then I won’t be embarrassed for limping in almost last, just embarrassed at being dressed up as a duck, which has got to be better surely?

Now the clocks have gone forward, maybe the dogs and I can get on the park this evening, that is if the council deem that such a thing is allowed and leave it unlocked. They do.

It’s pleasant and it’s a gloriously barmy summer evening, in March. Mark my words it’ll rain all July, as usual.

MD though, is as annoying as usual. He tosses his ball my way, then just as I’m about to pick it up to throw it, he swoops in to pick it up himself and runs off with it again. Hilarious. Not. At least it gets him exercised.

Today is World Whisky Day, on a Tuesday, I ask you... So we decline.

(Tuesday 27th March)

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